Teachers: 7 Wonderful Reasons To Join SupplyWell

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Teachers: 7 Wonderful Reasons To Join SupplyWell

Do you want to teach more, earn more and smile more? SupplyWell was founded by teachers for teachers, to advocate and look out for teachers' wellbeing and to show them their value by offering fair pay and support.

Signing up for SupplyWell is easy, just click here to get the ball rolling. Not convinced yet? Take a look at these fantastic reasons why joining SupplyWell is the best decision you could make today.

Increased Flexibility 

Working with SupplyWell means that you can choose when you work, what dates suit you and your lifestyle, and for who you work for. We will never pressure you into taking on a role that you don’t feel happy with. We are a non-agency that strives to increase your self-agency so that you feel empowered and in control of the work that you do.  

Fair Wage

It’s important to us that we pay our teachers a fair wage, and this means that the national pay scale is guaranteed. On top of this, through our app, submitting time sheets can be done quickly and easily so you can be paid quickly.

Easy to Use App 

The SupplyWell app is easy to use, it allows you to update your availability, browse jobs and minimises any administrative duties.

Wellbeing Support 

At SupplyWell we believe in supporting our teachers in any way that we can. Therefore we provide a confidential line of support to make sure you have everything you need in school and personally. This starts right at the beginning of your SupplyWell journey so you’re feeling ready to start working, right throughout even when you are placed in schools. We also provide EveryMind – a Wellbeing app for all our Teachers and TAs.

Continued Professional Development

SupplyWell also provides free continued professional development. Our CPD sessions are bespoke and unique to SupplyWell and are delivered in person and online throughout the year during dates that are suitable for teachers. 

Ethical Choice

SupplyWell was created by teachers, for teachers with the drive and determination to create a fairer and balanced approach to supply. We pride ourselves with supplying schools with great teachers whilst ensuring money stays in schools and teachers are paid a fair wage.


We could go on all day about fab we think we are… but it’s our wonderful educators who really count! Check out these wonderful Trust Pilot reviews which highlight the great support and fair pay we offer at SupplyWell.

Join Team SupplyWell today if you’re ready to start doing things differently this year. Teach more, earn more, smile more. 

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