5 Ways to Get Your Lesson Started Promptly as a Supply Teacher

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5 Ways To Get Your Lesson Started Promptly As A Supply Teacher

The start of the lesson is important, it sets the tone for the rest of your lesson and sets the expectations of the pupils in how you are going to manage their class.

Here are SupplyWell’s 5 ways to get your lesson started promptly as a supply teacher.

1) Entry into the classroom

The entry into the classroom is important as it sets the tone of the lesson and is the first impression that the students will get of you. Lining up is considered outdated by some teachers, unless you know that the class will be waiting for you. This technique encourages order, especially in corridors that can get crowded at times. If you’re already in the classroom, start off on a positive note by congratulating the students on entering the classroom well. If the manner that they’ve entered the classroom is subpar, ask them to re-enter in the appropriate way. This sets a standard of behaviour and demonstrates that you are committed to teaching in a polite and reasonable environment.  

2) Engage through an introduction

Some teachers like to tell a brief anecdote to grab the attention of a class. Especially if it is the first time that you are meeting the group. You can share information about yourself, creating a relationship with the pupils and breaking the ice. If you choose to do this try to keep the time you spend on your story 5 minutes or less, as although you want to create a relaxed environment you don’t want to spend a quarter of the lesson chatting and for the environment being too relaxed were the students find it difficult to get out of a passive and listening frame of mind.  

3) Activities on the board

A good old faithful, an activity on the board that the students can get on with. This can be something that the students can think about while books are being handed out and then students can be called upon the answer the question on the board, or they could work in groups and pairs to figure out the question. 

4) Books out, date, do now 

This method encourages quiet environments for concentration, and the student can get stuck into the work from the get go. This is particularly useful if tasks and resources have been already prepared for you to use.  

5) Quick fire quiz 

The benefits of hosting a quick fire quiz is that it does not necessarily need to be able the subject that the lesson is on. It is more about engaging the students from the get go. Using relatively easy questions will allow you to praise the students and start the lesson with positivity. It is also an excellent way of learning names and injecting some fun into the lesson. Kahoot is a great resource for pre-made quizzes so you don’t have to worry about preparing them in advance. Although it is helpful to have backup plans when resources may not be provided.  

What do you think is a good way to get lessons started promptly? Do you use any of these techniques? Let us know! If you’re a supply teacher looking for a fresh new start, it’s easy to join Team SupplyWell. Sign up by clicking here.

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