Who we are

Established by former teachers and senior leaders, SupplyWell combines firsthand teaching expertise with a digital platform to create a fairer future in education.

Creating a fairer future for teachers, schools, and students

Our goal is to ensure teachers, TAs and cover supervisors are paid what they’re worth, while saving schools as much money as possible. Our app gives control back to schools and teachers by connecting them faster and easier.

Our mission at SupplyWell is to make sure that teachers are paid what they’re worth while making sure schools save as much money as possible.

Shaping the future of education employment

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Supply teaching should be flexible for teachers, easy for schools and fair for both. Teachers, TAs and cover supervisors face the stress of not knowing where their next job is coming from. Schools are under pressure due to last-minute absences. And all are losing money to agency fees.

SupplyWell was created by teachers and teaching leaders. Our co-founder Michael Heverin worked as a senior leader in schools for 13 years. After leaving the profession due to burnout and stress, he co-founded SupplyWell to ensure covering absence and finding supply work is easy, ethical and cost-effective.

Together with our partners, we’re changing the future of education employment. We’re removing the need for agencies, helping teachers to love their profession and making covering absence easier for schools. All while keeping more money in education.

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