Returning To School On Supply: SupplyWell’s Retired Teacher Offer

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Returning To School On Supply: SupplyWell’s Retired Teacher Offer

At SupplyWell we appreciate retired teachers and have many benefits for teachers who want to return to the industry. Here is our retired teacher offer.

The government’s recent call to arms for retired teachers to work on supply has highlighted the importance of an experienced workforce. The response in return from retired teachers who have returned to work, shows the generosity that we all know to be synonymous with being a teacher.

At SupplyWell we have always valued retired teachers, years of experience and passion means that retired teachers can thrive on supply if they choose to do so. We want to enable all teachers to have fairness and control in their supply work.

One of the things that is crucial to us is paying teachers fairly. We believe it is important to give teachers a fair wage and look after supply teachers who are so integral in schools, now more than ever. This is why SupplyWell guarantees national pay scale to ensure teachers are paid what they deserve. For retired teachers this means that they can earn some extra money with confidence that they are being paid properly and fairly.

We offer retired teachers refresh CPD courses to ensure they feel ready to get back into the swing of things. SupplyWell CPD is bespoke and unique with an inclusive attitude that all are welcome to learn with us, not just teachers that are registered to SupplyWell. We operate an accessible diary of events with online and in person courses that take place on dates that are suitable for teachers.

Returning to schools can be an opportunity to enjoy school communities again. The social aspect of working on supply can be exciting. Meeting new people and having new experiences is refreshing if you have been away from work. The schools SupplyWell work with offer a variety of experiences suitable for whatever your special teaching interests are.

If you’re a retired teacher and are interested in returning to schools on supply, email and he will talk you through the benefits of working with SupplyWell. Dylan joined SupplyWell last year when he retired after 33 years in teaching in Liverpool schools.

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