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Say hello to your on-demand, flexible teacher workforce. SupplyWell gives you instant access to teaching staff you can trust, without daily fees. So last-minute absences no longer cause problems for you and your school.

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Take control of teacher absence once and for all

No more stressful last-minute calls. Or long waits for responses. SupplyWell is the easy, ethical and cost-effective way to meet your supply teaching cover needs.

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Eliminate daily fees. Cover roles quickly with trusted teaching staff. Feel in total control.


What can you save with SupplyWell?

Your average annual supply spend

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Flexible options to suit your school

We pay the teachers, TAs and cover supervisors on your behalf from your SupplyWell account. So covering roles becomes simple and less time-consuming. How you fund your account is up to you:


Our strategic, proactive approach to supply

Allows you to effectively manage your budget without compromising on the quality of education. By pre-purchasing a number of days in line with their forecast requirements, we're saving our partner schools at least 20% of their supply costs - typical savings in excess of £20,000 per year.

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Our signature approach which is revolutionising supply

Let us create and deliver a tailored, flexible workforce plan that grants you a level of assurance, evolving in line with your requirements. Our approach generates significant budget savings, affording you peace of mind whilst ensuring the highest standards of education and operational efficiency.

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The future of employment in education

What if you could find available and trusted teachers in seconds, while saving money and predicting future absence? SupplyWell is made by teaching leaders to provide a fairer solution to your short, medium and long-term supply cover needs.

Find trusted teachers fast

Access to your flexible, extended workforce is simple. Open the app, confirm what you need and book the teacher, TA or cover supervisor you want. No more wasted mornings.

Streamline your administration

No sifting through time-consuming paperwork. Compliance information is easy to access. Timesheets are managed with a single click. Teaching staff paid from a single account.

Predict future absence

Supply cover is often short-term. With our actionable insights, you can predict absence and manage budgets effectively, freeing up school resources.


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    SupplyWell saves schools money by charging a small booking fee with no other hidden costs.  We handle the administration, and pay the teachers on your behalf – all you need to do is select the easiest way for you to fund your payment account. Each school has a separate account where it keeps all of its educator wages.

    Schools can work with SupplyWell in several different ways. Most schools use either our ‘Save’ or our ‘Flex’ service, which affords schools the ability to save, plan adequately and improve outcomes in the classroom. Find out more by contacting 0333 305 0601 or emailing

    Creating a booking has never been easier, faster and more efficient.  Simply log into your SupplyWell account and follow the below steps:

    Step 1 – From your dashboard, there will be a long-term and short-term button, these will take you down different booking paths depending and what type of booking you want

    Step 2 – Once you have chosen what type of booking you want you will be presented (depending on what you have chosen) 4 buttons titled 1-4 or the options to select what subject you want your booking to be, follow the booking form, once you have completed one section another section will unlock for you to complete depending on what you have chosen this could be 2-5 sections

    Step 3 – Once you have completed all the sections and are happy with your choices click “Create booking” at the bottom of the page.

    Step 4 – Once you have created the booking then you’re done! you will be redirected to your bookings page and will be able to view all of your bookings along with add notes for specific requests.

    You can now approve timesheets in as little as 3 clicks. Follow the below steps to approve timesheets.


    Step 1 – Go to

    Step 2 – Use your SupplyWell log in details to log in. If you have forgotten your password, select forgot password and click to reset it.

    Step 3 – Select Timesheets on the left side menu on the Home screen.

    Step 4 – You should see the unconfirmed timesheets in front of you.

    Step 5 – Click the confirm timesheet button to enter every timesheet and confirm that the information is correct. Once you have done this you have successfully confirmed your timesheets.

    NOTE: If your timesheet still comes back as unconfirmed after confirming it, this is because the teacher has not confirmed their timesheet yet.

    Once we receive your booking request, our school partner team look to find you the perfect candidate for your needs. SupplyWell works with speed and efficiency to always maintain contact and support the school. Schools that are part of SupplyWell’s flexible workforce solution are guaranteed cover when the unpredictable happens.

    On the rare occasions that we can’t fulfil a last-minute booking, we are completely transparent to give the school time to source cover from another provider.