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Taking control of your teaching career is about more than fair pay. SupplyWell puts your wellbeing and happiness at the centre of everything we do.

Your wellbeing matters

350,000 teaching days are lost every year due to poor mental health and stress-related illness amongst teaching staff. SupplyWell is addressing this challenge through the fairness and flexibility of its service, and access to a wide range of wellbeing support

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teachers leave the profession every year
teachers report feeling stressed at work
teachers report problems sleeping
teachers report suffering mental health problems
teachers report feeling lonely at work
teachers report experiencing burn-out

Teach more.
Earn more.
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Teachers Matter

Teachers Matter Community

#TeachersMatter is a community platform that offers support, tips and advice for teachers, TAs and cover supervisors. In sharing experiences, you know that you are never alone when you feel that your mental wellbeing is suffering. Get in touch and join the community today.

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The Wellbeing Staffroom

Join the supply wellbeing meet up

SupplyWell hosts a monthly virtual get together as an opportunity to discuss any questions you have, issues you’re working through and your experiences on placement with like-minded supply staff. Give advice and receive it, after all a problem shared is a problem halved. Plus, enjoy some networking and general chit chat with other supply staff and our friendly advisors. This is only available to SupplyWell Educators so make sure you’re signed up to access it.

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A free resource for SupplyWell teachers

Feel empowered and more in control of your mental health with EveryMind at Work. Access tailored tools and resources from the comfort and convenience of your own device. EveryMind at Work incorporates mindfulness and encourages proactive management of your own mental health through engaging content and insights.

Visit Everymind


With SupplyWell your wellbeing is always the number one priority. We look after your wellbeing in a number of ways:

From you moment you sign up with us, you will receive regular check-in calls from our team. This will happen during your onboarding process and throughout your roles in schools. It’s important to us that you are teaching happily in your role. SupplyWell ensures that you are fully equipped and confident when you go into a new school, and our dedicated team will give you support and advice whenever you need it.

The SupplyWell online community Teachers Matter is a place for teachers, teaching assistants and cover supervisors to come together in a safe and supportive environment. Teachers Matter is an online community where educators can share, learn, and support each other. It’s a place to collaborate, find inspiration, and connect with like-minded professionals who understand the joys and challenges of the teaching journey.


SupplyWell is offering a free Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) provided by Health Assured to support the health and wellbeing of our SupplyWell Ambassadors.

The EAP includes 24/7 support, counselling sessions, crisis assistance, and access to the Wisdom app for wellbeing resources. Health Assured is a reputable EAP provider with BACP accreditation.

SupplyWell Ambassadors can access support through the Wisdom app, which includes an enhanced set of tools and engaging features to support wellbeing and wellness. Features include menopause-specific CBT, mood trackers, monthly Q&A sessions, a podcast series and access to discounts and offers. Find out more about the EAP here.


At SupplyWell, we also want to help take care of your financial wellbeing. As a thank you for working with us, we offer all our supply staff a free 30-minute financial wellbeing consultation with our Financial Servicing Agent. If you have questions about pensions, insurance, taxes, or any other money matters, our expert is here to help!

If you would like to take advantage of this useful benefit, please email finance@supplywell.co.uk to request access. We’ll forward your details to our financial specialist who will contact you directly. This is to ensure that your details are only shared with our financial partner if you request them to be.

SupplyWell is building the future of working in education, we are a supply solution doing things differently. SupplyWell offers increased flexibility, a fair wage, wellbeing support and free continued professional development. It is key that educators go into schools feeling prepared and supported. This means that educators can teach happily, focusing on the job at hand knowing that SupplyWell is supporting their supply career and wellbeing.

If you’re ready to teach more, earn more and smile more sign up to SupplyWell today.

If you are on a long-term placement the school can choose to support you towards your QTS but SupplyWell can not guarantee this

You can work in schools as a teaching assistant or cover supervisor if you are training to be a teacher. It’s a great way to earn money alongside your studies while networking with potential employers and gaining valuable experience in schools.

You need an Enhanced DBS check to work in any of SupplyWell’s partner schools. If you have any questions about applying for an Enhanced DBS, the SupplyWell Compliance Partners are happy to help you. Applying for your DBS check costs £38 and can be completed by visiting the GOV.UK site.

Holiday (annual leave) entitlement for SupplyWell supply staff is equal to the statutory minimum annual leave entitlement of 5.6 weeks, including bank holidays (or the pro rata thereof, if applicable). Supply staff are entitled to an amount of holiday pay for each day they work. At SupplyWell, holiday pay can be paid to supply staff in one of two ways:


Option 1 – Accrued holiday pay. Holiday pay can be accrued (saved up by us) each week that you work and then paid to you during the next school holiday period. This is to enable you to have some pay when you are not working in the school holidays. Holiday pay is usually paid two weeks after the last working Friday of a half term i.e. on the Friday of the first week of any school holiday period, you will be paid for your work in the last week of term. The Friday after this, you would not receive pay as you will not have worked during the preceding school holiday period, so this is when you will receive your holiday pay. We will usually communicate with you to confirm holiday pay dates ahead of a school holiday period.


Option 2 – Weekly paid holiday pay. Alternatively, you can opt to be paid your holiday pay weekly, along with your wages, and no further payment will then be made when you are not working.


Once you start working with SupplyWell you will receive ‘Terms of Engagement’ and ‘Key Information Document (KID)’ which contains full information about holiday pay and an example of each option. You must advise us which option you would prefer. If you do not advise us which option you prefer, the default option is option 1 – accrued holiday pay.

SupplyWell offers continued professional development sessions throughout the year, available to all teachers, teaching assistants and cover supervisors. The sessions include online webinars on our online community platform ‘Teachers Matter’ and in-person events. The team also delivers a special development programme exclusively for registered members of the SupplyWell community.

Our training partners SENDSCOPE offer accredited training for SupplyWell teaching assistants.

SupplyWell also runs training sessions for school leaders and cover managers at different times throughout the year.

You will receive regular updates directly from our partners via phone and email, with roles also being available on the website.

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