SupplyWell’s Teacher Ambassador Role

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SupplyWell’s Teacher Ambassador role

The educational landscape has been a challenging one of late, and we’re determined to make life that little bit smoother with our dedicated team of Teacher Ambassadors.

The role of Teacher Ambassador will offer variety and stability, with an opportunity to work with a diverse selection of schools and settings. For schools that work with SupplyWell, it brings additional reassurance of quality teaching. 

Where would we be without our amazing supply teachers? Disruptions and interruptions to education over recent times have seen many schools turn to supply teachers to keep pupils learning and maintaining positive outcomes.

As an Ambassador you become a more versatile teacher, better able to adapt to any eventuality. 

Teacher Ambassador duties include:

  • Effective classroom management – keeping students on task and engaged
  • Assume all duties and responsibilities of the absent teacher
  • Follow lesson plans left by the regular classroom teacher
  • Supervise and ensure safety of students during classroom hours
  • Maintain a positive learning environment
  • Leave feedback and notes for the regular classroom teacher
  • Assist with non-classroom duties when assigned


  • Be scheduled on daily (Monday-Friday) assignments
  • Open to working in schools across Merseyside
  • Follow through with scheduled assignments
  • Take part in 30-day trial period before permanent hire
  • Attend CPD sessions on a termly basis

Ambassador Responsibilities

  • Be aware of and comply with school policies and procedures relating to child protection, health, safety and security, confidentiality, data protection and behaviour for learning; and report all concerns to the appropriate person. 
  • Be aware of and support diversity and ensure all young people have equal access to opportunities and are provided with a safe and non-threatening learning environment. 
  • To liaise daily with the member of staff responsible for cover management or the line manager, in line with the schools procedure. 
  • To manage behaviour issues in the classroom in accordance with the schools behaviour management policy and procedures. 
  • To deal with any emergencies in accordance with the school’s policy and procedures. 

 Rates of Pay

  • Payment for the Winter Term is weekly and is dependent on the type of placements you have been given [ Specialism or General Cover]. If this initial trial is successful payment will be monthly and the payment date is 25th of each month unless it falls on a Bank Holiday or Weekend then payment is brought forward to the earliest working day.
  • If you are deployed to teach your specialism the rate of pay is to scale ranging from M1 – £111.82 to UPS 3 – £180.98.
  • If you are deployed for General Cover the rate of pay is £140.13 [UPS] or £126.26 [MPS] per day.
  • If we are unable to place you the rate of pay is £100.
  • Illness will result in Statutory Sick Pay.

About the Role

Daily challenges

Ambassadors step into a new learning environment each day, with new challenges requiring different modes of teaching. Being an Ambassador is a great option for those looking for a less rigid working schedule. The role will take you to different locations to deal with children from a wide selection of age groups and levels of ability.

The freedom to pick your own balance for your working and personal life is a big perk of the job for many, allowing them to manage their wellbeing. But it means that teachers need to be flexible in how they approach the job.


Each school is different, and some are more different than others! Ambassadors may find themselves in very diverse settings each day of the week, faced with variations in ethos, student behaviour and internal processes. You need to show that you can take those differences in your stride and create a great learning environment out of any setting.

The most adaptable teachers will develop the best reputations among schools in your area, maximising your chances of a stable supply of future work.

Organisational skills

Organising your working life is crucial, and schools will want to hire supply teachers who clearly have everything under control. As we are all aware, sometimes work is not set and your great organisation skills allow you to turn up at short notice and set up a class with all your lesson plans and teaching materials ready to hand.


If you’re a teacher, a friendly and approachable manner is second nature. For Ambassadors sent out to work with a different set of students each day, making quick connections is key to success. Teaching new faces can be daunting, both for the teacher and the pupils. As an Ambassador your role is to put them at ease quickly and make them feel comfortable. Your level of connection can make or break a lesson.

Passion for teaching

Nobody can really flourish as an Ambassador if they’re not driven by a true passion for teaching. Your passion for educating will keep you going through the more challenging lessons. Pupils will sense your dedication and appreciate it. Remember, there’s nothing more infectious than enthusiasm, and your passion can inspire them to get involved and engaged in the lesson.

Benefits to the School

Schools benefit from using SupplyWell Ambassadors in many ways;

  • Ambassadors are upskilled on a regular basis with SupplyWell’s bespoke CPD Programme.
  • Ambassadors are selected and interviewed from a huge database of serving supply teachers. The interview process is rigorous, fair and consistent.
  • Ambassadors teach happily and are totally committed to all roles they are placed in. The majority return to schools on a regular basis and are fully aware of policies and procedures.   


Does this sound like a role you could see yourself thriving in?

  • Please email an up to date CV including the names of 2 referees to with the heading Teacher Ambassador to 
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