SupplyWell Vs Agencies

It's time to make the switch to SupplyWell - you’ve so much to gain and so little to lose. 

The world has moved on – we’re leaving the fumes of petrol guzzling engines behind in favour of sleek efficient electric cars. Why stay trapped in these outdated agencies that take advantage of processes that are unnecessarily draining money from schools and educators alike?

Bottom line  – there is no reason other than ‘it’s what we’ve always done’.

What is SupplyWell if not an agency? It’s the alternative.

SupplyWell is the alternative to outdated agencies. Agencies who are purely in the game of placing bums on seats at a premium cost to schools, without paying educators what they deserve.

Same same but radically different 

Yes, we provide schools with teachers* but that’s almost all we have in common with teaching agencies. We’re not here to bash agencies (honest!) but we ARE here to say loudly and proudly that it’s not what we are, and it’s time for change.

SupplyWell is creating a fairer future for educators – It’s time to make the switch!

Check out the ways we’re so very different to agencies and why you should make the switch to SupplyWell:


They say money can’t buy you happiness, but being broke can’t buy you anything! We value our educators and make sure you are paid what you deserve. SupplyWell is a tech-driven supply solution created as an answer to the traditional agency models. A solution to agencies that take advantage of both schools and teachers, perpetuating a drain on school funds and supply-teacher income. We prioritise your income through investment in new ways of working.

  • SupplyWell pay to scale from day 1 – meaning we strive to ensure you are paid fairly and inline with your peers, without having to work a set amount of qualifying days
  • Opportunity to earn a bonus on completion of placements
  • Many of our roles come with a guaranteed income, providing stability and reassurance


Wellbeing as a term is losing a lot of its real meaning in this area, and we’re keen to show that we are totally invested in practical, meaningful ways we can support all educators that work with us. 

  • SupplyWell provides an Employee Assistance programme (EAP) which offers a range of advice and support with 24/7 access to trained counsellors
  • Free financial advice with a financial advisor
  • Equal standing with SupplyWell HQ staff. Whether you’re in our office or in a school, the whole SupplyWell team has access to the same employee benefits
  • Easy to use admin with our app and website
  • An experienced team of teachers are available to talk through any school related issues.

Ongoing development

We are invested in you being the best version of yourself so if you’re looking for growth and support we have you covered.

  • Teachers Matter online community, offering a safe and supportive environment, full of resources, CPD and opportunities to connect with other educators
  • Partnership with SENDSCOPE that offers quality training
  • Free CPD in the form of video courses, webinars and articles

Understanding you

If you’ve chosen supply teaching as a route into teaching, a change in pace or, even a way of ebbing out without going straight into retirement – SupplyWell is here for you.

  • Thoughtful placements – We work with you to find the right fit of school for you
  • Flexible stability – Become part of our flexible workforce
  • Your own dedicated Relationship Management team – Available to offer support and advice
  • Career progression opportunities – We will support you and take into consideration your experience and training.

Make the switch to SupplyWell today.

*By teacher we mean fantastically talented and multi skilled educators, including but not limited to: Teaching Assistants, Cover Supervisors and of course Teachers. 

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