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Better Pay

Nobody likes seeing a percentage of their hard-earned money diverted elsewhere. SupplyWell is a subscription service for schools. So rather than an agency taking a cut, you get full pay, paid into your account by the end of the week. Fair and fast. You will also benefit from guaranteed pay for the days you aren’t placed into schools.

Wellbeing Package

At SupplyWell, we prioritise your wellbeing and happiness above all else. As a SupplyWell educator, you receive the same comprehensive employee benefits as our HQ team. This includes complimentary access to counselling services and financial advisors, along with discounts from retailers and membership in an online teacher community

Continuous Development

We recognise the vital role continuous professional development (CPD) plays in shaping you into an exceptional educator adaptable to any school setting. That’s why SupplyWell provides free CPD opportunities through our dedicated online educator community, Teachers Matter and via our partnership with SENDSCOPE

Getting To

Know You

At SupplyWell, we take the time to get to know you as a person and an educator so we can ensure we place you into the right school setting. You’ll have regular access to a dedicated team of educator partners and former teachers and headteachers who can offer support and advice about your career

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