SupplyWell Launches Brand New App: Seamless Supply Work at Your Fingertips

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SupplyWell Launches Brand New App: Seamless Supply Work at Your Fingertips

The latest EdTech development from SupplyWell as we launch our new app, designed to streamline the supply process for educators.

SupplyWell is thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new app, available for download now on both Apple and Android devices! The app is designed to revolutionise the way supply educators find and manage work, offering a streamlined and efficient experience from sign-up to managing placements.

Effortless Registration to Our Flexible Workforce

Are you a qualified educator looking for flexible work opportunities? The SupplyWell app makes joining our Flexible Workforce quicker and easier than ever. Through the app, you can quickly register your details, upload your documentation, and set your availability preferences – all in just a few taps.

Simplified School Placement Management

Not only does the app improve the registration process, but it also puts you in complete control of your supply teaching schedule. Once you’ve accepted a placement at a school, you can access all the essential details directly in the app. Meaning no more scrambling through emails or misplaced paperwork – everything you need is conveniently stored in one place.

Refined Timesheet Verification

Gone are the days of manually filling out timesheets and waiting for them to be processed. With the SupplyWell app, you can submit your timesheets electronically after each placement and schools can easily verify each timesheet, ensuring you get paid accurately and promptly.

Seamless Communication and Support

The SupplyWell app keeps you connected and informed. You’ll be able to quickly view what your week ahead looks like, any changes to existing bookings, and relevant updates from SupplyWell. The app also features a built-in messaging system allowing you to communicate directly with our team.

Putting Supply Educators First

At SupplyWell, we understand the challenges faced by supply educators. Our mission is to make supply work as seamless and rewarding as possible. The launch of our new app is a significant step forward in achieving this goal. By providing educators with a user-friendly and mobile-first platform, we empower them to manage their careers effectively and focus on what they do best – inspiring and educating students.

Ready to Get Started? Download Today!

Head over to the App Store or Google Play Store and download the SupplyWell app today! Whether a seasoned supply professional or just starting out, meet your one-stop shop for finding and managing your supply work.

Join our Flexible Workforce and experience the freedom and versatile nature of supply work, all managed via your phone!

Together, let’s make supply teaching a rewarding and fulfilling experience so you can teach more, earn more and smile more.

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