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How to handle stress as a teacher

Wellbeing is at the heart of what we do here at SupplyWell, so looking after mental health and managing stress levels is so important for our team and all the educators we work with.

Teacher Stress

Teaching can be an incredibly rewarding vocation. Seeing that lightbulb moment across your pupils face is such a high. Just as there’s no denying that seeing real progression and understanding in a cohort is magic. Sadly the other side of teaching can bring frustration, pressure and ultimately stress.

Teachers and educators face daily challenges and ongoing pressures that can build and at times, feel overwhelming. 

Resource Links

We’ve compiled a selection of resources written to help and support educators deal with stress from different perspectives across the education field.  

Education Support 

How to handle stress: Teachers & education staff

Our partners at Education Support have been helping support teachers and education support staff for 145 years and are the UK’s only mental health charity dedicated to helping teachers and education staff in schools, colleges and universities. 

They have fantastic resources which offer guidance and support for those struggling with stress and how to manage and take back control. 

Hey Teach!

7 Strategies for Reducing and Managing Teaching Stress

Advice from an American perspective – take a look at these approaches and strategies focusing on how you respond to stress.

National Education Union

Tackling Stress

Excessive workload and working hours are continually cited by teachers as one of the main causes of their workplace stress. This advice explains how to tackle stress at a local level in your workplace.

Just Teachers

7 Strategies for Reducing and Managing Teaching Stress

How you respond to stress can spell the difference between a long and rewarding career, and one cut short due to burn-out. Take a look at these strategies to help manage and combat stress on those difficult days.


Prioritising Teacher Mental Health: 10 Strategies for Teacher Stress Management

Chalk asks what schools can do at an organisational level to help manage teacher stress and offer advice and management strategies to help you navigate stress effectively.

Pupil focus


DEAL: Managing stress, making choices

Children also have a lot to cope with. This resource from the Samaritans offers a complete workshop to support children cope with stress. 

Further information and support

SupplyWell are dedicated to supporting educators’ wellbeing. We offer all educators wellbeing support including free access to EveryMind at Work app.

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