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Everymind At Work

SupplyWell have partnered with mental health advocates Everymind at work to give members of the SupplyWell community free access to the app.

It’s so important to SupplyWell that Teachers, TAs and Cover Supervisors are teaching happy in schools.

This is why members of the SupplyWell community have exclusive access to a wellbeing app. We have partnered with Everymind at Work, giving you FREE access to the Everymind app.

The EveryMind at Work app offers you tailored tools and resources to help you from the  convenience of your own device. The Everymind app incorporates mindfulness throughout and encourages proactive management of your own mental health through engaging content and insights. 

Join team SupplyWell today to gain access to the Everymind at Work App for free! You can access the Everymind app from the usual places you find your apps including the App Store and Google Play

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