8 Mindful Reminders

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8 Mindful Reminders

Here at SupplyWell, we believe in the power of mindfulness. Whether that’s a few moments of calm before stepping into your workplace in the morning, or embracing mindfulness as a way of life - every calm moment is beneficial to you.

It’s so important to SupplyWell that Teachers, TAs and Cover Supervisors are teaching happy in schools. So along with our 8 Mindful reminders, we would like to remind you of our fantastic partnership with Everymind.

SupplyWell has partnered with mental health advocates Everymind at work to give members of the SupplyWell community free access to the app.

This is why members of the SupplyWell community have exclusive access to a wellbeing app. We have partnered with Everymind at Work, giving you FREE access to the Everymind app.

8 Mindful reminders

  1. Make time for yourself – even if some days that seems impossible. For example use your commute to practise some calming breathing techniques to prepare for the day ahead or unwind from a busy work day. 
  2. Incorporate mindfulness into your daily routines – from how you wake up in the morning to your approach to your daily routines, mindfulness can be used in all stages of our day to bring a greater sense of calm to your life.
  3. Journaling – Writing and journaling has become a very popular form of mindfulness activity. From bullet journals to scrapbooking; there’s a way of journaling to suit everyone.
  4. Research – take some time to see what you can do to help yourself on the path to mindfulness, from the suggestions here to a wealth of information across the internet.
  5. Go for a swim – Swimming is a great way to combine exercise and mindfulness as it can create a great environment for meditative thought whilst moving your body as gently or vigorously as you choose!
  6. Make use of technology – All our SupplyWell members have access to the EveryMind app. There are also fantastic apps such as Calm and Headspace which offer guided meditations and much more.
  7. Mindful hobbies – there are an abundance of enjoyable hobbies that promote mindfulness such as knitting, crochet and embroidery that not only promote calmness and relaxation but also creativity!
  8.  Get outdoors – mindfulness exercises can be done anywhere, but research indicates that engaging your senses outdoors is especially beneficial.

Join team SupplyWell today to gain access to the Everymind at Work App for free! You can access the Everymind app from the usual places you find your apps including the App Store and Google Play

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