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2023 is a year of BIG growth for SupplyWell! Part of this is bringing on board new advisors Patrick Ottley-O’Connor and Garry Lee...

SupplyWell have some exciting news! Executive Principal and Education Consultant Patrick Ottley-O’Connor, and digital technologist leader Garry Lee, are joining us as part of SupplyWell’s team of advisors.

Patrick Ottley-O’Connor is an Executive Headteacher who has worked and advised leadership teams for almost 40 years. Now semi-retired he is taking on a new Lead Ambassador role with SupplyWell where his educator wellbeing know-how will help more supply teaching staff teach happy. 

Garry Lee has been involved in SaaS, Digital and Technology businesses for over 25 years. Garry uses his experience and expertise to help start-ups grow and scale, and now joins SupplyWell as a Lead Advisor to support the ed-tech company as they emerge as an supply industry leader.

These developments enable SupplyWell to start conversations with more schools in the Liverpool City Region, the North West and beyond, and as a result more schools will be in control of their budgets, empowered to make proactive decisions and save money which otherwise leaves the education system. 

Garry Lee’s support as Lead Advisor is important for SupplyWell as his expertise equips the supply solution with tried and tested advice, whilst navigating as an ed-tech industry leader. Patrick Ottley-O’Connor’s background of leadership support and wellbeing makes him a perfect Lead Ambassador for SupplyWell and his endorsement will mean more education staff will be paid what they deserve and start teaching happy.

About Patrick Ottley-O’Connor

Patrick Ottley-O’Connor is now a highly respected part-time Executive Principal after retiring from headship and teaching for over 40 years. His passion for wellbeing is greatly incorporated into his work as a consultant for senior leadership teams and educational institutions. Patrick also works as a headteacher coach and supports headteachers during the challenging first years of headship. 

“I believe in SupplyWell and I look forward to being a part of their growth and advising them on their journey by working as an ambassador. The team are true to their mission in helping education staff and prioritise their wellbeing” 

Patrick Ottley-O’Connor, SupplyWell’s Lead Ambassador

About Garry Lee 

Garry Lee has been involved in SaaS, Digital and Technology businesses for over 25 years. Having launched the UK’s first marketing automation platform, Garry then spent 7 years running RedEye International, driving the business forward as a SaaS leader battling some of the biggest companies in technology before launching a CDP platform. He brought brands like Skype and JD Sports into the business as it continued to grow. He’s spent the last few years working with exciting start-ups and advising on a couple of their boards to help with growth and scale. 

“I am very excited to be joining SupplyWell at an exciting time and being part of the next stage in their journey, doing whatever I can to support the amazing team at SupplyWell.”

Garry Lee, SupplyWell’s Lead Advisor

Co-founder and CEO Michael Heverin looks forward to the future: 

“Bringing on board Patrick and Garry, two leaders in their respective industries who share our values based proposition, means that SupplyWell is getting closer to its mission of building a fairer future for teachers, schools and students. The more schools that we help save money and the more teachers we ensure are paid fairly leads to a better system of supply provision. Garry and Patrick are instrumental in helping us get there.”

Michael Heverin, CEO and co-founder of SupplyWell
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