Teacher Retention: Supporting Teacher Happiness

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Teacher retention - how can we help keep teachers happy and healthy and in education?

Teacher retention - how can we help keep teachers happy and healthy and in education?

The retention of teachers in the UK has become a growing concern in recent years. According to government statistics, one in three newly qualified teachers leave the profession within five years of starting.

What is the problem?

So how do we identify the retention issue? The reasons for this high turnover rate can vary, but common factors include workload and stress, lack of support from senior leaders, and low pay. With an ageing population of teachers and difficulties in recruiting new teachers, it is vita that steps are taken to retain current teachers in the profession.

What are the solutions?

One solution being implemented is the introduction of better support systems for newly qualified teachers. Mentoring programs and ongoing professional development can help new teachers feel more confident and supported in their roles, reducing the likelihood of them leaving the profession.

Another potential solution is to address the issue of workload and stress. By providing teachers with more manageable workloads and resources for managing stress, they are more likely to stay in the profession long-term.

Retention is critical for educational success

Ultimately, the retention of teachers is crucial for the success of the education system in the UK. By addressing the factors causing high turnover rates, we can ensure that teachers are able to thrive in their roles. This will provide the best possible education for our children.

SupplyWell can help!

SupplyWell provides a more flexible and supportive approach to teaching. This allows teachers to work on a temporary or part-time basis while receiving teaching and wellbeing support and CPD opportunities.

Significantly, SupplyWell’s unique approach helps schools and teachers use technology to match each other’s needs. This provides a streamlined process for booking and paying for supply work.

Therefore, stress and uncertainty often associated with supply teaching is alleviated with this straightforward process. This ease of use makes it a more attractive option for teachers looking for a more flexible work schedule.

Accessible to sustainable workforce

In effect, by providing a more accessible and manageable way for teachers to work in the education system, SupplyWell can help to incentivise teachers to stay in the profession. This, in turn, can lead to a more stable and sustainable workforce, benefiting both teachers and students alike.

Teacher retention is an issue that requires a multifaceted approach. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, it is clear that a combination of support for new teachers, addressing workload and stress, and the use of supply teaching solutions can all play a role in helping to ensure a stable and successful education system in the UK.

Join SupplyWell today and start your journey to a more positive teaching experience:

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