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What’s In Your Bag?

Take a look at these teacher toolkit tips to keep you prepared and ready for whatever your teaching day brings you.

Supply teaching can bring all kinds of challenges and opportunities to use your teaching skills and imagination with your students.

 Whether you’re an experienced teacher or just beginning your teaching career there are some great resources that can help you step into a classroom with a little more confidence. 

First day in a new school 

Bring a supply of paper and a well stocked pencil case. You’ll have time to find them in the school at some point – but it’s always good to be prepared and save being caught short!


Some cover lessons will have plans ready for you to take on with the class, other times you may find yourself in need of a lesson plan with very short notice. Having lessons in your back pocket is a great way to keep things running as smoothly as possible. 

Using your pupils’ imagination is a fantastic basis for many lessons – finding an image or a piece of music that you can share with your class can launch many literacy lessons for a range of ages and abilities.

  • Image writing starter – who lives here? What do they look like? What are their lives like? Is this in the future or the past? 
  • Music starter – How does his music make you feel? List adjectives that describe it. Write a poem using your list.

Online resources

It’s worth doing some research to build your own practical and online toolkits that will keep you prepared for what your teaching day brings you. 

Have some go-to links and resources such as and who have many free resources for primary, secondary and SEND. is also a great resource and fab book. 

For more great advice – take a look at Teacher Partner Dylan’s 10 top tips on Classroom Management

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