Will I get Holiday Pay?

Holiday (annual leave) entitlement for SupplyWell supply staff is equal to the statutory minimum annual leave entitlement of 5.6 weeks, including bank holidays (or the pro rata thereof, if applicable). Supply staff are entitled to an amount of holiday pay for each day they work. At SupplyWell, holiday pay can be paid to supply staff in one of two ways:


Option 1 – Accrued holiday pay. Holiday pay can be accrued (saved up by us) each week that you work and then paid to you during the next school holiday period. This is to enable you to have some pay when you are not working in the school holidays. Holiday pay is usually paid two weeks after the last working Friday of a half term i.e. on the Friday of the first week of any school holiday period, you will be paid for your work in the last week of term. The Friday after this, you would not receive pay as you will not have worked during the preceding school holiday period, so this is when you will receive your holiday pay. We will usually communicate with you to confirm holiday pay dates ahead of a school holiday period.


Option 2 – Weekly paid holiday pay. Alternatively, you can opt to be paid your holiday pay weekly, along with your wages, and no further payment will then be made when you are not working.


Once you start working with SupplyWell you will receive ‘Terms of Engagement’ and ‘Key Information Document (KID)’ which contains full information about holiday pay and an example of each option. You must advise us which option you would prefer. If you do not advise us which option you prefer, the default option is option 1 – accrued holiday pay.

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