How will SupplyWell look after my wellbeing?

With SupplyWell your wellbeing is always the number one priority. We look after your wellbeing in a number of ways:

From you moment you sign up with us, you will receive regular check-in calls from our team. This will happen during your onboarding process and throughout your roles in schools. It’s important to us that you are teaching happily in your role. SupplyWell ensures that you are fully equipped and confident when you go into a new school, and our dedicated team will give you support and advice whenever you need it.

The SupplyWell online community Teachers Matter is a place for teachers, teaching assistants and cover supervisors to come together in a safe and supportive environment. Teachers Matter is an online community where educators can share, learn, and support each other. It’s a place to collaborate, find inspiration, and connect with like-minded professionals who understand the joys and challenges of the teaching journey.

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