Considering A Career Change?

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Considering A Career Change?

Are you thinking about a career change? A wealth of experience can be brought from previous careers that are transferable to teaching.

Some of us always knew we wanted to be a teacher. Some of us had a longer journey to get there.

For those of us who had a life before teaching, it can add another dimension to what we can bring to our roles in education. 

Life before teaching

Much to the shock and astoundment of pupils, teachers are regular human beings who have a life outside of teaching, and even whole careers before they became a teacher. 

I became a teacher in my early 30s having enjoyed a career in the media industry after leaving university. I loved working in TV and was lucky enough to learn a great deal about many aspects of production and how big creative industries function. But I’d always had the pull of teaching and doing something in my career that I felt would be a little more productive and positive.

My background seemed a million miles from teaching but I brought an ability to work under pressure and communicate effectively to my new career.

Career change positives

Consider all that you have done in your life as experience that brings unique skills to a career in education.

  • You bring a wealth of experience from previous careers that are transferable to teaching – from interpersonal to practical and informative skills like ICT and people skills.
  • A fresh perspective and energy can be gained from moving careers, bringing that positive energy with you to your new teaching role.
  • Changing career paths can be open no matter what age you are – your experience at every age brings interesting and informative gifts.

Join us!

Are you thinking about a career change? Becoming a Teaching Assistant is a great way to gain experience and use your skills to benefit students and schools alike. Get in touch with us today and we can help you on your journey. 

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