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Teach With SupplyWell

Are you looking for a fresh start, an exciting new teaching role that will offer support and fair pay?

As life settles down after the challenges of recent times, teachers are still very much in demand across the UK. SupplyWell was created by teachers, for teachers. So whether you’re new to teaching or a seasoned pro – we believe everyone deserves the very best support and fair pay.

About SupplyWell

SupplyWell is a UK-based company that provides a platform for schools to book supply teachers easily and efficiently.

SupplyWell sets itself apart from traditional supply teacher agencies by using technology to streamline the recruitment process. Teachers can easily register their interest via supplywell.co.uk and all necessary documents and background checks can be conducted online through our app. This means that teachers can be signed up and ready to work on the SupplyWell platform in a matter of days.

Why join SupplyWell


One of the key benefits of joining SupplyWell is the flexibility that it offers. Teachers can choose the days, times, and locations that they want to work, and are free to accept or decline assignments as they see fit. This is particularly appealing to teachers who may have other commitments or who prefer to work part-time.


SupplyWell prides itself on providing a supportive and caring environment for our teachers. We offer ongoing training and development opportunities, as well as a dedicated team of support staff who are on hand to answer any questions or concerns that teachers may have.

Fair pay

We offer industry leading pay – you deserve to be paid inline with your permanently placed colleagues and we recognise that.

By teaching through SupplyWell, you’re also keeping more money in education, as we are committed to transparent payments with the schools that use us. 


We’re committed to caring for our community – when you join SupplyWell, we provide free access to Everymind At Work app to support your wellbeing.


SupplyWell offers a number of Teacher Ambassador roles, specifically suited to those who embrace supply teaching as a full-time role. To find out more about the Teacher Ambassador role click here.

Join SupplyWell today

If you are a teacher looking for more flexibility and support in your career, then consider joining SupplyWell. With our user-friendly platform and commitment to teacher welfare, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of supply teaching while making a valuable contribution to the education system.

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