Finding Your Work-Life Balance

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Finding Your Work-Life Balance

Making sure you find the right balance in your life can have huge consequences on your health and happiness.

It’s the biggest battle in our modern working lives – finding the balance between earning a living, enjoying and doing well in our chosen careers while having enough breathing space to care for ourselves and our families. 

SupplyWell was created with this fight for wellbeing and fairness at the heart of its ethos. We want teachers and TAs to have the choice and value given to their work.

350,000 teaching days are lost every year due to poor mental health and stress related illness amongst teaching staff. Teacher wellbeing has to be the starting point for everyone in a school to be at their best.

Actions to help you achieve a great work-life balance

The power of ‘no’

Teachers and those who work in education are known for supporting others and going to lengths to help. But learning how to say no can also be extremely beneficial. Know your limits and don’t accept any additional work or responsibility outside of these limits.

Take breaks at work 

Although break times are usually very structured in a school day, it’s so important that they are used. If you can, take time to leave the school grounds, take a walk and breathe.   

Prioritise your personal life 

It may sound obvious but ensuring you create time in your life to see family and friends and do the things you are passionate about is key. Socialising, exercising and straight up resting should never be neglected in favour of work. 

Prioritise your health

Looking after your health and wellbeing is essential. If you are ill, ensure you rest and don’t force yourself to work. If you find that you fall ill regularly, consider talking to your doctor or think about any changes you can make that will help you stay healthier.

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