Supplywell’s guide to Winter Wellness

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The festive season is the most wonderful time of the year, but it can negatively effect people's mental wellbeing. SupplyWell has created a guide of tips to help you achieve Winter Wellness!

Winter wellness is difficult to achieve, people tend to struggle with their mental wellbeing more this time of year. There are a lot of factors that could contribute towards this; additional financial pressures, cold weather and not a lot of daylight hours. In addition to this, winter 2020 has to contend with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, meaning that many people are separated and isolated from their loved ones. Therefore, this season is harder on our mental health than it has been in previous years. Here are some ideas to help you achieve winter wellness during these colder months.


Journaling allows us to acknowledge our feelings while maintaining our presence and concentration without getting wrapped up in our anxious thoughts. This means you can organise your thoughts, feelings and regulate your emotions. Journaling is an activity that you can spend as much or as little time participating in. It can be a relaxing pastime to help you unwind.

Healthy diet 

It goes without saying that a healthy diet is great for our bodies. Hearty and well-balanced meals do wonders for our mental wellbeing too. People tend to overeat during winter because they are more likely to seek out comfort food which makes them feel happier if they are feeling sad. In addition to this, during cold weather we naturally want to eat more because our bodies are genetically predisposed to storing extra fat in cold climates. This is because we need to burn more calories to keep ourselves warm. As long as you remain happy and healthy, enjoy the winter period and all the festive food treats that come along with it (even chocolate which has been proven to boost wellbeing!). Especially after how difficult this year has been, you should try to be extra kind to yourself and not overly restrict your food intake. The BBC GoodFood website has posted some lovely Winter Warmer recipes that you could try out!

Cosy Clothes

Let’s be honest, nothing beats getting wrapped up nice and cosy on the couch with your favourite film on the TV. Add some fluffy socks into the mix, a hot brew and you’re onto a winner! This is your time to relax and unwind, so warm and comfortable clothing can help you on the path to winter wellness.

Staying active 

It’s great to relax on the couch, but it is also important to remain active to maintain a good level of health. You could do something relaxing like a soothing yoga session accompanied with ambient music. Perhaps you can go for a walk in nature and take in the sights of the winter season. The NHS website has some quick at home work-out resources for you to check out too.

Take it Easy!

This bizarre year is coming to a close and you deserve a nice winter break! It is difficult to switch off and there can be pressure to maintain productivity during your free time. Instead concentrate on looking after YOU this winter season so you can feel refreshed and recharged for 2021.  Enjoy your break, and have a Happy New Year!

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