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Anna* was an experienced teacher and had recently returned from living abroad.

She had a great track record of good results and strong management skills having been a subject leader and a year team leader. She entered a supply market that valued this experience at the same pay rate as stacking shelves in a supermarket. In fact, when the SupplyWell team met her, she was in the process of leaving teaching for good and entering the retail trade at the lowest level.

Anna told us she had been offered a role through one of the largest supply agencies but that she would earn less than Β£100 a day. Supplywell were able to offer her the same role paying her Β£155 a day because we guarantee a minimum rates of pay.

Anna was now not β€˜just’ a supply teacher. At this rate of pay, she was able to take on the full role of the absent teacher. In fact, due to her experience on UPS3, was sufficiently motivated to offer interventions in further mathematics which the absent main scale teacher was not experienced enough to deliver.

Anna was our first placement and set us a high standard to follow. We were able to give Anna a role she adored whilst saving the school hundreds of pounds a month for just one part time teacher.

The profession cannot afford to lose the Annas of this world.

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Anna* was an experienced teacher and had recently returned from living abroad.


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