Hello Autumn, here’s some chocolate

Summer was fun, but cosy autumn is fast settling in - it's the perfect time for chocolate.

The hustle of a new school year brought in with new stationery, fresh hair cuts and new shoes. And of course another year of staff meetings, planning and the joys of marking.

Well, we can’t come and do all your board prep and planning for you… but can we suggest you have a little chocolate break?

Great news – chocolate is great for your wellbeing!

According to the food and wellbeing experts at Fazer, chocolate is the perfect treat: “delicious chocolate doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure – when eaten in moderation it can have a positive impact on your wellbeing.”

“Chocolate not only tastes amazing, but it also has a number of different benefits that can help us lead a happy and healthier life. The main nutrients that it provides come from the nutritionally rich cocoa plant and include fibre, minerals and flavanols.”


So as with all things in life, everything is to be enjoyed in moderation – but if a little chocolate is good for your wellbeing then were fully on board. We hope the winners of our competition at the end of the summer have enjoyed their sweet pick-me-ups!

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